This is an IIOT solution i.e. Sensors, Hardware, Communication Software package offering which helps in improving the operational efficiency of an Industries’ Welding activity taking the Welding Manufacturing in Industry 4.0 domain even without changing the existing types of machinery.

We are soon adding management tools for welding personnel, their qualifications, WPSs and WPQRs.

  1. Increased Welding Productivity.
  2. Improvement in Quality
  3. Cost Optimisation
  4. Reduce machine down-time

By giving visibility to the benchmark data against the actual one, critical indicators shown here are Arc ON time & KG/Hr.

It shows real-time data of Quality critical parameters like Current, Voltage Gas Flow, and respective deviation with respect to control limit, necessary alerts go to the supervisors in case of sustained deviation.

Machine health parameters are analyzed in real-time & give necessary alerts to check machine conditions proactively to prevent breakdown.

No, right it is done as per Customers' WPS but in future versions, this will guide customers to refine the parameters for improved results (through Data analytics).

Yes, it can be retrofitted in any brand/make of Machine.

Though we are focussing on GMAW in our launching, the same version can be used for other ARC Welding processes like SAW, SMAW, TIG.

As per a recent study introduction of Digital Lean in operation (What Smart Weld does for Welding) improves productivity by 20-35%, Quality by 30-35%, Reduction in Conversion Cost by 20-30%.

No, you will need a pre-sales discussion with the Smart Weld team to understand the AS-IS situation in your plant & will ensure seamless implementation, the product remaining the implementation by Smart Weld will ensure the most effective and apt utilization of the same.

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Yes, to some medium fabricators but most notably to BHEL Trichy.

Your data is completely secured at our data cloud repository

Every second during the welding process.

Please call us @ 8882331144

Your data will be completely secured and encrypted.

GSM Sim for IoT (low-cost) or through Wi-Fi, the Smart Weld team can do the premise recording based on client-specific requirements

Yes, we can identify the welder if you opt for the RFID-enabled Smart Card.

1 to 24 hrs based on Customer requirement (it has got a cost impact)

It is completely different since Smart Weld renders a total solution to improve the operational efficiency of Welding.

As per the standard, the reports and alerts will be shared with the Production Supervisor, Quality Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, and owner. All reports would be different and office specific for them to do the needful.

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