The Next Big Thing in Welding Software Solutions


6th December 2022 author_smartweld Shalini Ghose

In the last few decades, worldwide technology has gone through major changes. Now we can come across the use of automation and artificial intelligence in almost every industry. The welding industry has also gone through major changes by implementing robust welding software solutions.

The welding industry has a major influence over a lot of other industries such as construction, aircraft manufacturing, defense, shipbuilding, etc. Through welding, lots of important products are manufactured and repaired for further usage.

In the year 2010, we came across an important development in the welding industry by introducing automated welding robots and the safety level of welding also increased. After that, the usage of welding robots increased significantly. By 2016, around 52 percent of automobile manufacturers worldwide used welding robots for manufacturing car body parts.

Introduction to new types of welding software solutions

Some new welding technologies such as laser welding and friction stir welding were introduced in the year 2010. Laser welding uses laser energy to create heat and apply the same heat to join two metals together. On the other hand, friction stir welding depends on the heat generated from the friction.

A rapidly moving head of the welding robots is used to create friction while two separate metals that need welding collide together with the machine. Both of these types of welding have been providing the much-needed quality and safety required at the time of welding and will continue to do so.

Safety in the welding process

Increasing the safety of welders in the welding industry has become very important. It is not only for the individuals working in this industry but it is in the best interest of any factory owner or manufacturer. If a company is unable to protect its workforce from potential hazards then it will severely affect the productivity of the industry.

Nowadays, most companies invest in personal protective equipment, and weld safety gears to protect their workers from any injury or harm. Although these pieces of equipment are fairly expensive at the same time it creates a positive impact on the employees as well as on the company.

Increase in the usage of welding robots

Companies and manufacturers are increasingly using welding robots because of their efficiency and preciseness while it also helps in decreasing the safety concern for the employees. However, these robotic systems are immobile therefore it is not possible to perform the type of welding which requires maneuvering. Nevertheless, they are great for repetitive welding.

To conclude the article on welding software solution

With further research and development in multiple technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence, the welding technology and process will also develop further. Robotic welding will become more efficient which in turn will truly eliminate the safety concerns of the workforce while increasing productivity simultaneously.


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