Welding power sources trend toward user utility


6th July 2022 author_smartweld Shalini Ghose

Miles of good weld are laid down in the line of work, holding everything together. What’s power got to do with it? Nothing can happen without the power source that sends electric current to the welder’s gun. So, what’s new with welding machines?

We asked power source OEMs ESAB, Miller, and Fronius to provide updates on advances in power sources. ESAB Welding & Cutting Products North America Senior Product Manager Jeff Chittim; Miller Electric Business Development Manager, Industrial Equipment Division Jason Dunahoo; and Fronius Senior Systems Engineer Steve Zatezalo all pointed to the skilled welder shortage - finding, training, and retaining welders as the major challenge that the industry faces.

The lack of skilled welders results in productivity bottlenecks, poor quality, rework, and scrap, they said. Weld repeatability, quality assurance, and data recording/traceability are key.

Additional challenges include equipment failures and associated downtime, as well as managing large fleets of welding equipment.


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